Current Events Monday: Breaking News about the Sun

James Hassell   -  

You may not often consider the sun’s existence as a current event, but some scientists pose a rather strong argument that our yellow dwarf star neighbor should make the headlines more often. Consider recent news from some researchers at UCLA who just published findings in a journal called Space Weather. The research team, studying the viability of human space flight to Mars, have concluded that no group of people could make a round trip to Mars from Earth lasting longer than four years. Part of their reasoning includes the fact that the sun sends out some fairly dangerous energy particles (as if you didn’t know). Any trip to Mars from Earth must occur when solar activity is at an ebb. We fortunately have people on the case who can help us determine when those times occur. In fact, scientists quoted in the article are quite optimistic that human beings can make a Mars run once we get the equipment just right to do so. Could it be that my kids or grandkids could one day take a tour of the Mars? I’d be good with making a quick trip myself later in life, but I suppose retirement communities for the red planet are out for now. You can read the article for yourself here: Will it be safe for humans to fly to Mars? Mission would be viable if it doesn’t exceed four years, international research team concludes — ScienceDaily.

While a trip to Mars may be the last thing on your mind today, I would encourage you to take a few moments to notice the sun (without looking directly at it, of course). The sunrises and sunsets have been particularly noteworthy as of late. Did you know that the sun we see create such vivid colors is some 93 million miles away from us? I also learned recently that the sun takes up 99.8 percent of the mass of our entire solar system.

It turns out that we are smaller than we think we are. Yet, the God who created the sun also made the brilliant fall sky colors this morning. Could we not conclude that God is accordingly in charge of the entire creation? He truly holds the keys of life and death. In fact, we recently studied a great passage in the book of Joshua about how God suspended the sun in the sky for an entire day! Now, this is something for which we can agree with God and say, “It is good!” As we start the plunge then into a new week, take a moment to consider that the God who created the sun also makes it possible for you to experience life abundantly. When you see that sunrise or sunset, you may just want to whisper a word of thanks to the Author of life.