How Do I Join Westoak Woods?

While all of our worship services, Bible studies and ministries are open to the public, we value membership as an important part of becoming a member of our church family.  Members are strongly encouraged to faithfully tithe, give of their time in service and regularly attend services, Bible studies and ministry opportunties at Westoak Woods.


To join WWBC, we ask for you to take the following steps:


1. Come forward during the invitation of a worship service at Westoak Woods and express your desire to join with the church family.

2. Acknowledge Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord.

3. Verify that you have been baptized as a believer in Christ subsequent to your profession of faith (preferably by immersion).

4. Meet with a member of the Pastoral Staff of WWBC to discuss forthcoming membership and service in the church.

5. Complete the WWBC's New Member Orientation course as soon as possible.