Lynda Sanders founded the preschool and has been the Director of WWBP for 20 years. Lynda has taught at statewide preschool conferences and her understanding of preschool development is essential to our effective program.  She has brought a loving environment to the preschool children and their families over the years.  She has a wealth of knowledge of how a successful preschool program is run and will remain as a mentor for the incoming director.


Collette Lain will be the director starting in June 2017.  She will take over Lynda Sander’s responsibilities.  Collette has been on staff as a teacher at WWBP since 2003.  She has taught every age level and most extensively Pre-Kindergarten.  Collette has an Elementary Education Degree from the University of Nevada. 


Degreed teachers provide a relaxed, flexible environment where learning activities are presented as the children explore and play. Our teachers meet the state requirements for continuing education, CPR, and First-Aid training.  A low student/teacher ratio and spacious classrooms enhance the quality of our program.