About Us

Westoak Woods Baptist Preschool is a licensed Child-Care Center by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Our program serves children ages 1 – 5 years old as of September 1st.  


Our weekday program is a carefully and thoughtfully designed program that offers positive growing experiences for preschoolers. An excellent staff composed of an experienced director and degreed teachers, encourages preschoolers to develop physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.  Each class provides a loving and trusting environment where the positive guidance and developmentally appropriate activities are provided.  In addition, it is our goal to strengthen families.


Westoak Woods Baptist Preschool utilizes the Weekday Early Education Learning Curriculum as the foundational curriculum.  It is a developmentally appropriate weekday curricula for Christian settings designed for young children ages birth through Pre-K.  Children’s individual differences and learning styles are considered as they learn through play and interactions with supportive early childhood teachers to maximize each child’s learning potential.  Age appropriate activities are used for learning centers. Large group experiences are also used to extend learning.  We believe that preschoolers learn through their play.  Playis critical to the healthy growth and development of preschool children. Aschildren play, theylearnto solve problems, to get along with others and to develop the fine and gross motor skills needed to grow andlearn.


Our weekday preschool is a ministry of Westoak Woods Baptist Church.Age appropriate spiritual activities are woven into our daily activities. A brief weekly chapel is conducted for the three and four year old classes. Our goal is to develop a healthy, positive concept within the children, as well as awareness that they are loved by God.


January -  Current student enrollment

February  - Sibling and waiting list enrollment

Followed by new student enrollment.

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